Hi, my name is Matt, aka "electragician" from various forums on the internet.

Among other things, I am a husband, father, motorcyclist and sometime gamer. I'm also an unabashed fan of open source software and the Linux operating system. Specifically, I am a proponent of OSS's use on the general purpose desktop and I firmly believe it to be a truly competitive option for this task. The mixture of cost effectivness, wide array of desktop environment choices and associated footprints, blazing fast speed and tight security all serve to make any proprietary operating system pale in comparison.

Linux can give old hardware a new lease on life and it can coax every possible bit of performance out of the most modern of computers. It runs on everything from a $25.00 Raspberry Pi single-board computer to the largest multi-million dollar super-computing cluster.

I also have a continuing interest in Android, Tizen, Firefox OS and other open source mobile technologies and the platforms they run on. While I don't believe we're actually in a post-PC world, I will be the first to admit that these devices certainly have their uses.

This site won't win any beauty contests, but it is designed to load fast and be readable on (hopefully) any device capable of rendering HTML.